Educational Summer Camps

Participant IS ELIGIBLE to register for CAN Educational Summer Camps!


Registering online does not guarantee a spot in the program. The participant must be confirmed by a CAN staff member before he or she is accepted into the program.

To register, complete the online form below.

Registration includes:

  • General Household Information

  • Release of Information Waiver

  • Client Rights & Responsibilities Waiver

  • Field Trip and Activity Permission Slip

  • Liability Waiver

  • Media/Photo Release Form (optional)

Complete one form and click "Submit" to head to the next form until you reach the end!

If you are a resident or have previously participated in CAN programs, contact your location's community center director and they may be able to email you a link that has some of your registration information
auto-filled to simplify the process.
Please call if you / Por favor llamar:
1. Have any questions or concerns about completing the registration form
2. Have trouble accessing or submitting the registration form
3. Would like to set up an appointment to complete the registration form in-person
with a CAN staff member, or
4. If you would like a translator to work with you to complete the registration form / Si necesita un traductor para completar el formulario de registro 
(734) 994-2985 -
Camper and Counselor
Camper and Counselor

Camper working on math
Camper working on math

Campers jumping in the air
Campers jumping in the air

Camper and Counselor
Camper and Counselor